MLSS featured on SeaLifeBase blog

The SeaLifeBase Project (link to full online article)
By Beau Doherty
November 5, 2012

At one of the Marine Life Sanctuary Society’s (MLSS) recent Beach Interpretation Programs in Porteau Cove, BC, a Big skate (Raja binoculata) was found washed up on shore.  Attendees were treated to an impromptu dissection of the skate by MLSS director, Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark, which proved very educational. MLSS was a key organization in the creation of the marine protected area in Whytcliffe Park in West Vancouver almost 20 years ago, which to this day remains one of the few no-take MPAs in Canada.  Their core mission is to create more similar such marine sanctuaries throughout BC through voluntary and community managed initiatives.  Their beach interpretation program strives to further these goals through increased awareness of marine ecosystems.

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