Awards & Recognitions

In the past several decades, MLSS and its members have accomplished ground-breaking work to protect the marine life in Howe Sound, especially those associated with the glass sponge reef ecosystems.

Here are some of the awards and recognitions that MLSS and our members have received lately:

MLSS – Pacific Salmon Foundation

MLSS greatly appreciates the grant support from the PSF CSP (Pacific Salmon Foundation Community Salmon Program) to purchase the banners and table throw that feature the MLSS rockfish logo. The colourful promotional materials definitely attract the public eye during our outreach events. Through our education and outreach BIP events, MLSS endeavours to broaden the public knowledge and awareness of our local food web and the value of protecting marine life so that we ensure sustainable fisheries. Rockfishes, salmon, and glass sponge reefs are a big part of our conversation about our local food web.

Congratulations to Glen Dennison, Board Director of Howe Sound Projects, as the recipient of two well-deserved awards this Spring for his hard work and dedication towards the protection of the glass sponge reefs.

The Frank Sanford Award presented to Glen Dennison on April 25, 2019.

On April 26, 2019, at the Nature Vancouver AGM, Glen was the recipient of the Frank Sanford Community Services Award. The Sanford award, established in 1995 in honour of Frank Sanford who provided 35 years of service as the Society’s Treasurer, recognizes the achievements of the wider community that supports the aims and objectives of Nature Vancouver. Glen was nominated for the award in recognition of the decades of personal commitment towards the protection of rockfish and glass sponge reefs in Howe Sound.

Use of his private boat Skyliner to transport numerous SCUBA divers on photographic and citizen science research expeditions, design and building of cost-saving equipment and his discovery and mapping of 12 previously unknown reefs is laudable. His cooperative relationship with many societies and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans has been the driving force behind the establishment of eight marine refuges as a first step towards achieving full marine sanctuary protection for the glass sponge reefs.

With the announcement of the new fisheries closures effective on April 1, 2019, the Frank Sanford Award for Community Service is a very timely acknowledgment of his passion and tireless efforts and contributions towards the protection of the Howe Sound glass sponge reefs and the marine life associated therein.

Congratulations, Glen!

Glen Dennison

Glen Dennison “Howe Sound Subsea Explorer and Citizen Scientist” is named Lions Bay Citizen of Distinction for 2019. Click to read more: Citizen of Distinction Award

February 2017: The 22nd Annual Vancouver Aquarium Coastal Ocean Research Institute Awards event awarded Glen Dennison for Innovative Use of Technology

The Coastal Ocean Research Institute of the Vancouver Aquarium awarded Glen the Innovation in Technology Award for the many types of equipment that he designs and builds for minimal costs to use in his research and documentation of the sponges and the environment in which they live.



March 2017: Marine Life Sanctuaries Society, Pioneer – Glass Sponge Reef Discovery

The MLSS Board of Directors presented Glen with a one-of-a-kind glass sponge award at the “An Evening for Howe Sound” Gala fundraiser. The award was in recognition of his pioneering discovery of 12 new sponge reefs in Howe Sound The beautiful trophy was hand-made by fellow BOD member, Zora Feron.

Thank you, Glen!


2015: HMCS Annapolis Award for assistance to the ARSBC (Artificial Reef Society of BC)