Board of Directors & Committees


Danika Strecko   –   President &  Membership Coordinator for Lower Mainland

Danika has been an enthusiastic part of MLSS since 2012 when she joined as a volunteer Beach Interpreter and is looking forward to developing outreach and education opportunities in 2018. As a secondary science teacher and manager of Curriculum Programs at Ocean Wise, Danika is passionate about inspiring people to protect our oceans.

Lena Clayton  –  Vice-President & Webmaster

Lena joined the MLSS team back in 2013 as a volunteer glass sponge researcher and Beach Interpreter and is now serving as Vice-President. With a background in Biological Oceanography, she is enthusiastic about preserving our oceans for future generations.

Sheila Byers  –  Past President

A member of MLSS since 2007, Sheila served on the Board of Directors as Secretary, BIP Coordinator and President. Sheila is a marine biologist and works as a Museum Interpreter at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, UBC.

Nigel Cornwall  –  Treasurer

Nigel  joined MLSS as it is clear to him that we need to protect our Marine Environment. A Marine Biologist fascinated by the oceans since the age of 5, he has studied Marine Pollution Chemistry and dove all over the world. 

Adam Taylor  –  Citizen Science, Howe Sound Liaison

Gerardo Alfaro Argumedo  –  BIP Coordinator

Elena Buscher  –  Director and Membership Coordinator for Vancouver Island

Bernie Hanby  –  Director-at-Large

Andy Lamb  –  Director-at-Large 

Andy was one of the founding members of MLSS, an avid diver and an author of many books on marine biology. Andy has worked with the Vancouver Aquarium and the West Vancouver Laboratory and continues to be an integral part of the conservation community.

Tanya Prinzing  –  Secretary