Aquatica Hull Pressure Test

 April 20, 2016

In a cooperative venture, MLSS personal assisted Aquatica Submarines Ltd in pressure testing their hull in Howe Sound.

The day started windy but dropped to perfect calm and sunny conditions for testing. With a backdrop of snow capped mountains a large crane lifted the sub high into the air in preparation for a plunge into the depths.

The  spherical submarine hull dropped to over 660 feet on the eastern side of Howe Sound near Bowyer Island completing a perfect and successful test.

Aquatica staff and their submarine, courtesy of Aquatica

The MLSS looks forward to future collaborations with Aquatica Submarines that lead to studies and video documentaries about the Howe Sound underwater world, and the study of various marine habitats including the glass sponge beds in the Sound.

MLSS personal  that attended the testing; Roy Mulder, Diane Reid,  Adam Taylor, Lora Tryon and Glen Dennison.


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