Sixgill Shark Survey in Barkley Sound

This video is an example of one of the various stewardship initiatives available to engage the public in marine science. For more information visit our stewardship page or contact our stewardship coordinator Peter Mieras,

A Repair Job Instantly Rewarded

MLSS stewardship coordinator, Peter Mieras, and the team at Rendezvous diving repairs a broken fishery boundary marker to mark an area closed to fisheries. A group of killer whales comes by immediately after to say thanks. To learn more about our Stewardship Progam, click here

MLSS Board of Directors

These are the people who give their time and expertise to the board of MLSS. Click here to learn more about MLSS.

North Bowyer

Check out this video showcasing some of the beauty at North Bowyer

Bowyer North Reef Anemones

Diving at North Bowyer finds a prawn trap ghost fishing in a Rockfish Conservation Area. These things become killing machines once loose in the ocean.