Diving for Bowen’s treasures

Bowen Island Undercurrent
By Marcus Hondro
June 17, 2011

“With the great outdoors right outside the door, Bowen gives kids and adults get plenty of opportunity to see and learn about their environment. There is, however, an environment that isn’t as easy to access – the shores around Bowen Island.

But the Bowen Nature Club and local scuba diver Adam Taylor make it easier to connect with the ocean with the club’s nature dive. The popular event returned June 5 and saw many Bowen families at the Mt. Gardner dock to visit with creatures they’d never seen before…

This year’s Nature Dive had some new additions – Taylor invited along the Marine Life Sanctuary Society of BC (MLSS) to help with interpreting what people were seeing on the beach.  The MLSS is beginning a youth outreach program and the event was a good fit for their knowledgeable and energetic volunteers…  link to full online article


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