First Exploration of Anvil Island bioherm


April 30th 2016

The first ever diver exploration on the Anvil Island giant sponge bioherm was completed.  Divers Hamish Tweed and Chris Straub dropped an amazing 255 feet onto the top of the sponge reef and recorded about 10 minutes of video at the site.

The day was sunny and calm at the site with a top overlay of river water making underwater visibility poor for the beginning of the dive.  Two vessels were used on the dive, with the Topline and Skyliner standing over the divers as they descended.

This was the 4th in the series of tri-mix dive explorations on deep sponge bioherms discovered in Howe Sound by Glen Dennison.

Crew Topline

Kevin Breckman

Hamish Tweed

Chris Straub

Vanessa Heal

Shane Hayes

Crew Skyliner

Glen Dennison

Lora Tryon

Diane Reid

Fiona Hood

  SeaDragon charters generously donated the morning use of the vessel Topline to help in the study and protection of the sponge reef (see link).

More information on this most exciting event to come


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