Halkett Bioherm Temperature update

Sunday April 3 2016, we completed a successful dive on the Halkett bioherm and recovered the temperature logger. Dive conditions were a bit tough with strong currents and poor vis to 80ft.

Here is what the temperatures were doing down in the Halkett bioherm from last July 12 2015 – April 3 2016

Halkett April 3 2016 graph

Looks like it dropped in the winter and increased in the summer.

Laura Borden from the Vancouver aquarium has plotted all of the temperature data from all our sites together and discovered an amazing correlation that appears to be driven by the tides and summer heat. She is digging out information that no one has ever seen previously and uncovering new scientific information about the shallower bioherms.  There is a fair amount of science to do down there!

Adam once again return with a very nice set of photo’s of Halkett sponge…don’t worry I’m expecting the vis to really clear up and we will be back for another photo shoot on the site. Plus a return visit to all the bioherm dives as I pick up and replace the temperature loggers.

20160305-P3050031 (1280x960)

We need to install standard fix position photo stands to document growth in the sponge (maybe our next project).

 Glen Dennison


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  1. Nick Bowman says:

    Count me in on the photo station projects! I can reach depths of 50+ meters.



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