HMCS Annapolis temperature monitor

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Glen Dennison has installed a temperature logger on the Annapolis artificial reef.

The unit is located on the port side hand rail at about 75 feet down. Please see the video below for an idea of placement.

The temperature samples are taken at intervals of 240 minutes, delayed starting to 12:01 hours on Dec 13, 2015.

 This gave the unit time to stabilize to ambient  temperature before recording.  

The programmed sampling rate will allow the logger to store over 500 days of data before recovery and downloading is needed.

Will most likely recover the unit, clean, service, and reinstall in the late fall of 2016.  Suggested logging study period is 5 – 7 years continuous.

Please post no tampering messages on the all diver web sites and scuba notice boards.  Please alert all divers not to touch the unit if on a charter.

 Note the housing is very robust and would need direct intended removal with tools to damage.



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