Letter: Citizen scientists’ behind reef preservation effort

An article that was published in the North Shore News on April 15, 2016, was entitled Prehistoric glass sponge reefs preserved, Scientists hail province’s move to protect ‘Jurassic Park submerged’. Stephen Foster of The David Suzuki Foundation provided a rebuttal opinion to the article on May 4, 2016. In David’s opinion, MLSS Director Glen Dennison and UCBC President Adam Taylor were the primary instigators and drivers behind the recent expansion of the Halkett Bay Provincial Marine Park on Gambier Island in Howe Sound. The media launch of the event occurred on May 26, 2016.

The MLSS BOD is fully aware of the tremendous amount of time and effort that Glen and Adam have committed to achieve long-term protection of the Halkett Bay Provincial Marine Park with its unique, yet fragile, glass sponge reef and garden. Such an effort by MLSS and UCBC continues to be supported by several like-minded societies. Partnerships such as these continue to collaborate in pursuit of the long-term protection for the entirety of the marine life in Howe Sound.

The MLSS Board of Directors greatly appreciates, and would like to thank David, for his continued support of our Society.

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