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Written by Roy Mulder
Friday, 21 December 2012

The New Year has arrived and the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society of BC will be actively launching our voluntary no-take marine sanctuaries program. We are encouraging individuals and groups to join our membership.

“Being a member of MLSS means that you, as a member and marine steward, will voluntarily refrain from extracting marine organisms out of Rockfish Conservation Areas, Marine Conservation Areas, Marine Mammal Conservation Areas, and other marine reserves”.

There is an amazing glass sponge bioherm directly off of Lions Bay. These ancient sponges have been providing great habitat for juvenile rockfish for many years. For rockfish to come back to Howe Sound we have to protect these delicate silicate sponges. The government protected a similar sponge bioherm in Hecate Strait. It makes sense to do the same with an area right in our backyards.

MLSS also has serious concerns about the proposed gravel mine at McNabb Creek and any other stressors on the marine environment in Howe Sound. With the Britannia clean-up and the mill closure there has never been a better time to start a conservation effort.

We would like to encourage Lions Bay community members to join MLSS in the campaign to allow Howe Sound return to health. Membership can be done online on their website

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