MLSS Assists Aquatica with Stingray 500 ‘Manned’ Test Certification

Glen Dennison, MLSS Director, and Kelsey Dennison on the Skyliner, assisted the Aquatica Submarine team with their final Stingray certification as a ‘manned’ submersible. Aquatica was also filming for a Discovery Channel news story. The Stingray 500 was taken to a depth of 255 ft near Passage Island in Howe Sound. Glen was very impressed with the stability of the Stingray in the choppy ocean conditions.

Occupying a seat in the Stingray was the international certifier who would give Aquatica the permit to carry passengers. This fellow had an interesting job travelling around the world to certify deep diving submersibles.

Glen talked with the Aquatica head engineer and the naval architect about the changes required after the first hull-test dives; they were significant. The Stingray had to be trimmed up by moving the vertical thrusters and the battery pods around.

MLSS looks forward to two days of glass sponge diving on the Stingray for its Board members; likely in early December. What a great Christmas present for the MLSS team!!

MLSS looks forward to collaborating on other projects with Aquatica into the future.


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