MLSS Historic Dive on Lions Bay Seamount!

Click here for coverage and video of this historic dive exploration in The Vancouver Sun

On Saturday, Feb 23, 2013 a historic dive exploration was undertaken and completed. Two divers descended onto the top of the Lions Bay seamount in an endeavor to accomplish a dive never before known or attempted. At 10:24am Saturday morning trimix divers Hamish Tweed and Chris Straub touched the top of the seamount 218 ft down. Supported by a team of 22; including 4 safety divers, a medical doctor, two dive vessels, 5 HD video cameras above and below the surface and the Vancouver Sun reporter observing, the dive was successfully achieved. The deep dive team returned with remarkable HD video shots of the incredibly large glass sponge, forming a bioherm on the top of the pinnacle. This expedition dive was organized and lead by Glenn Dennison under the auspices of the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society and Underwater Council of BC banners.

Stay tuned to our website for HD video of this incredible dive!

For more topside shots check out Russell Clark’s photos gallery


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  1. Brian Powell says:

    what’s the scoop on the Howe Sound recovery from Britannia and the pulp mill?? I do a lot of snorkeling at West Bay, Gambier Island, and it’s pretty denuded there, just mud and a few sun stars, not much life down to 50′!!

    1. uwvideo1 says:

      Brittania has undergone a soil remediation and has been cleaned up after having spent many years at the top of the list of most polluted site in Canada. The mill closure seems to be demonstrating some positive reaction, yet it is still early days. Too many sea stars is usually an indicator of poor environmental health. As to the mud…that may be natural bottom for the area. Rocks and boulder areas are what the rockfish seem to like for habitat.

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