MLSS Temperature Probe on HMCS Annapolis Retrieved

MLSS Director Glen Dennison and Vancouver Aquarium marine biologist Laura Borden recovered and redeployed the temperature logger that had been installed on the HMCS Annapolis artificial reef in Halkett Bay. The ship was deployed by the Artificial Reef Society of BC in 2015. The logger was in good condition and was reset back into the exact location as per the initial installation. Next recovery will likely be in the early summer of 2017.  The logger is set at a depth of 75 ft on the Annapolis hull. Temperatures from December 13, 2015 to August 6, 2016, ranged from a low of 7.2◦C to a high of 11.4◦C (see graph).  On the dive several small rockfishes were sighted; as well as a large number of perch schooling around the wreck.

Temperature Log Data


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