Looking for more information about MLSS, the work we do and our coastal waters? Here are a few articles from local newspapers and scientific journals we recommend reading:

“Glass sponge aggregations in Howe Sound: locations, reef status, and ecological significance assessment” – Fisheries and Oceans Canada

“Howe Sound Glass Sponge Reef Identification” – Lora McAuley – Marine Life Sanctuaries Society for Fisheries and Oceans Canada

“Inexpensive Video Drop-camera for Surveying Sensitive Benthic Habitats: Applications from Glass Sponge (Hexactinellida) Reefs in Howe Sound, British Columbia” – Lena Clayton & Glen Dennison – The Canadian Field-Naturalist

“Cloud Sponge, Aphrocallistes vastus (Porifera: Hexactinellida), fragment healing and reattachment” – Jeff Marliave – The Canadian Field-Naturalist

“Volunteer-driven research helps to protect local reefs” – Bowen Island Undercurrent

“Bowen Island Nature Dive 2017 – Up close and personal with life in Howe Sound” Bowen Island Undercurrent

“Howe Sound Glass Sponge Reefs Highlighted in Lecture Series” – Michaela Garstin – The Squamish Chief

“Marine Society Blasts Lack of Enforcement, Launches Campaign to Protect Howe Sound Marine Life” – Larry Pynn – Vancouver Sun