MLSS & Aquatica Submarines

MLSS has teamed up with Aquatica Submarines to test their newly designed Stingray Submersibles. Together we are exploring the glass sponge bioherms of Howe Sound to help promote conservation.

On February 16, 2017, MLSS divers accompanied the Aquatica submersible crew for a dive on the HMCS Annapolis.The activity was a practice dive to land on the foredeck of the sunken ship while creating the least amount of disturbance of sediments in the process. Inadvertently disturbing sediments, or suspending sediments up into the water column, during a dive survey of the glass sponge reefs can cause clogging of passageways within the sponges; or, potentially irreparable damage to the sponges by smothering them.
Click here to watch this video.
On March 10, 2017 Discovery Channel news reporter, Alan Nursall, accompanied Glen Dennison, MLSS Director, and pilot Erika Bergman, to explore the Kelvin Grove glass sponge reef or bioherm in Aquatica’s Stingray submersible. For Glen, having discovered the bioherm using a drop camera and high resolution mapping in January 2013, it was his first time seeing these glass sponges up close and personal. For Alan, it was a first time in the Stingray and a first time to view the glass sponge bioherms – an experience of his life time! And what a view they had!!
Click here to view Aquatica’s Discovery YouTube video.