Stewardship Program

The MLSS marine stewardship program offers an opportunity for citizens to become actively engaged in protecting marine ecosystems.

This voluntary initiative encourages individuals to take part in a variety of activities such as raising awareness, education, data collection and observation which may have a positive impact on preserving marine environments.

These initiatives may involve well-defined projects or may be a new initiative you join or start in your community.  The idea is to get as many people engaged and contributing as possible.

Download a copy of our MLSS stewardship manual to learn more.

MLSS would like to thank the Barnet Rifle Club of Burnaby BC for their gracious donation towards our stewardship program and the conservation of local marine species.

We would also like to thank the Pacific Salmon Foundation for their support of MLSS’ outreach and stewardship programs. For more information about the Pacific Salmon Foundation, please click to on the Salmon Steward article below:


Other ways to help our oceans:

– Eat sustainable seafood. (See recommendations from Oceanwise, Seachoice, Blue Institute)

– Vancouver Aquarium Rockfish abundance and Lingcod eggmass dive surveys

– Check out DFO’s website for local stewardship projects

– Report sighting of cetaceans at the BC Cetacean Sightings Nework

– Report jellyfish sighting through jellywatch

– Participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup


Recovery of Howe Sound on Display

Sixgill shark surveys

Volunteer divers gillnet removal program

Another video of a snagged gillnet removal


Whale in the Door – A Community Unites to Protect BC’s Howe Sound By Pauline Le Bel

For thousands of years, Howe Sound, an inlet in the Salish Sea provided abundant food,  shelter, and stories, for the Squamish Nation. After a century of contamination from pulp mills, a chemical factory, and a copper mine, the Sound, a noisy, stinky, polluted place, contained many biologically dead zones. Marine life was severely diminished. But major efforts by the Squamish Nation, governments, and industry has produced dramatic returns of herring, dolphins, porpoises, orcas, and humpbacks.

For more info and to get involved, take our Stewardship Pledge and receive notifications of a variety of future initiatives



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