Swimming the Sound for Glass Sponge Reefs: Aětl’ka7tsem/Howe Sound Swimming Project

Swim Update – June 23, 2021:

Jessi’s marathon swim start time: 4:30am; 13-16 hour ETA.

View Live Tracker Update Here.

Press Release – June 9, 2021:

Jessi Harewicz swims Howe Sound to build awareness of the rare and fragile glass sponge reefs. In a series of long marathon swims, Jessi Hope’s to bring attention to one of Canada’s most unique and treasured marine sponge habitats.   Swimming over sponge reefs is an awesome way to bring the publics attention to Howe Sound’s incredible glass sponge reefs.  The most pristine sponge reefs known and discovered so far, in the world.

Jessi has a deep and abiding love of nature and the marine world.  This is her special way to help protect what she loves. 

Aětl’ka7tsem/Howe Sound Swimming Project – June 10, 2021

My name is Jessi Harewicz. I am a marathon swimmer.

I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. I started marathon swimming in 2015. I am the third Canadian to achieve the Triple Crown of open water swimming: English Channel in 2017, Catalina Channel in 2018, and the Manhattan Island Circumnavigation (20 bridges swim) in 2019.

In 2016, I swam the George Strait – a 30.5 km route to prepare for my English Channel crossing. I also completed the Bowen Island Circumnavigation in 2018 which took 21 hours – a new mental and physical test as I had previously swam the Catalina just 10 weeks prior! I did my first pioneering route from Nanaimo Harbour to Kitsilano Beach in August 201 – this took 30 hours and 13 minutes! I was the 11th Canadian on record to go over a 24-hour period of continuous swimming. I also was the first western Canadian female to swim an Ice Mile: 1600m at 4.5C at Alice Lake in 2020. All my swims are non-stop, continuous skin swims (without a wetsuit).

In Aětl’ka7tsem/Howe Sound, I have swam: Bowen island (2019), Keats island, Kwum Kwum Islands, and Pasley Islands. I plan on finishing circumnavigations around all the Howe Sound Islands this summer.

Jessi Harewicz

Jessi’s Progress – Anvil Tracker

We are set to start at Domett Point (northern tip of Gambier) going Counterclockwise at 10am SHARP on the day of the swim (June 10, 2021).



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  1. Riv says:

    Way to go Jessi – we’re rooting for you! Thank you for your bold spirit – the glass sponge reef needs everyone’s attention. Stay strong; we gratefully send our faithful prayers for your project’s success!

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