Understanding the Value of Sponges and Other Marine Life

“Sponges are not primitive. They are simple, yet sophisticated organisms. The value of sponges to humans is their capacity to build habitats that provide food for other marine life as well as us, and they hold a diversity of chemical structures significant for the development of antiviral drugs. Surely these are reasons enough to protect the sponges and their habitats.”

Nature’s Own Artwork Under Threat

Marine Life Sanctuaries Society (MLSS BC) President, Glen Dennison, along with volunteer divers Greg McCracken and Tori Preddy, recently went back to check on one of the rare glass sponge reefs in Átl’ḵa7tsem/Howe Sound, and invited CBC News reporter, Susana da Silva, along to bring attention to these rare and endangered bioherms under threat of…