Report Oil Spills!

spills_slickCall 1-800-OILS-911 to report spills of any hazardous substance along the Pacific west coast (from California to BC).  Callers in BC are routed to the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP, 1-800-663-3456), upon which they will notify the appropriate Environmental Emergency Response Officer within a regional office of the BC Ministry of Environment (Regional office numbers available here).

Canadian Coast guard can be contacted in BC at 1-800-889-8852 or on VHF radio 16.

Important Information:

Take note of:

  • details (name, boat/vehicle information, telephone number) of the person who caused the spill
  • spill location and time of the spill
  • type and quantity of the substance spilled
  • cause of the spill
  • details of any action taken
  • names of any agencies on scene or contacted

For more information, visit the Environmental Emergency reporting section of BC environment.


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