Report Poaching and Dumping!

Photo: flickruser: chefranden By designing a program that allows people to understand how to Observe, Record and Report, we will be able to reduce illegal fishing, pollution and other harmful activities in our oceans.

If you see someone fishing where they are not supposed to or involved in other damaging activities, contact DFO’s poaching hotline immediately (604-607-4186 in Vancouver or toll-free at 1-800-465-4336) as it is best if officials can catch them in the act. Take a picture of the violator’s face, boat and note  other details such as location, fishing gear, boat details and licence plates.


  • exceeding the daily limit
  • fishing in a closed area or using illegal gear
  • damaging  fish habitat and polluting the marine environment


  • Date, time and location (e.g.: nearest town, fishing location, GPS coordinates if possible))ORR_logo_e
  • Identity or description of violators (e.g.: height, weight, hair colour)
  • Boat or vehicle description (e.g.: licence, colour, make)
  • Evidence at the scene (Pictures and Video!)
  • Action of violator(s)


  • Greater Vancouver Area – 604-607-4186
  • Rest of BC – 1-800-465-4336 (DFO Observe, Record and Report toll free number)
  • 1-877-952-RAPP (7277) (BC Ministry of Environment  Report All Poaching and Polluting (RAPP) line)
  • BC Wildlife Federation (1-888-881-2293)

DFO’s Observe, Record and Report website

More information and contact numbers via DFO’s website

By filling out the information below, you will be contributing to MLSS’s data collection of poaching activity in areas along our coasts.  This evidence will be helpful for us moving forward in our efforts to influence government and increase enforcement of existing regulations.  If you have specific photos or video you can email them to


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