Halkett Point Bioherm Data Recovery – Nov 2,2014

Halkett Point Bioherm Data Recovery


On November 2, 2014, the first long term temperature measurements were recovered from the Halkett Deep Reef bioherm. The data logger was recovered, downloaded, and a new unit was installed to continue logging temperature data. To date, 1402 individual data points have been recorded and stored, from May 11 to Nov 2, 2014. Temperature was continuously recorded every 3 hours, time stamped and saved. Future data analysis will examine relationships between bottom temperature and other physical data (e.g. surface temperature, flow rates, sponge growth rates, and live sponge coverage) in collaboration with the Vancouver Aquarium and academic partnerships.

Halkett Bioherm Temp May 11 Nov2 2014 graphThe dive team of Roy Mulder, Diane Reid, Hilary Curry, and Glen Dennison  dropped into the Halkett glass sponge bioherm to recover and then install the logger at a depth of 100 feet. Surface support was provided by Alex Askew and Dave Park. This process of data recovery will continue on in 2015 with 5 more logging units to be retrieved and downloaded from 4 more sites. The project will span 5 years of continuous measurements.

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